Sain juuri kuulla, että Lumiarte Inc (ihanien Twinkling H2O värien valmistaja) on päättänyt jatkaa toimintaansa. Hieno uutinen minun mielestä, vaikka olenkin jo ehtinyt täyttää varastot heidän väreillään.


I just heard the greatest news; Luminarte Inc won't be closing their doors. This is the best news!


From the Desk of Leslie Ohnstadles old photo

Thank you for your generosity, kind words of encouragement and prayers.

The very unexpected out cry of orders in the past months"globally" has been extremely overwhelming and personally for me a truly humbling experience.

The tiny staff of Luminarte Inc. was fully prepared to close at the end of February.  Here it is almost the end of May and we are still working hard to fulfill all your requests.

I have made the decision that we will not be closing our doors. Your testimonials have touched the hearts of those in our business that, in turn, have made it possible for us to continue to serve you.

Thank you so much for caring enough to keep LuminArte's buzz going - positive and alive!

Restructuring may take a little while, but it'll be well worth the wait. Soon, we'll be featuring a vibrant new website showcasing new products and project ideas.

You'll be hearing from us with updates on our fresh and exciting changes.

Dreaming In Color,

Leslie Blackburn Ohnstad
President / Inventor